Guidelines for Donations in Lieu of Paying an Agency Fee to SEIU, Local 500

Part-time faculty who have been notified directly by the Union that they are exempt from paying the Union agency fee under Article 3.B.8 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement are required to make contributions in an amount equal to the agency fee to a charitable organization(s) agreed to by the University and the Union in lieu of paying this fee. 

The University and the Union have agreed to the Jesuit Refugee Service and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for this purpose. 

If and only if you have received notification from the Union that you have been approved to make a contribution in lieu of the agency fee, you can either:

(1) Sign up for an automatic payroll deduction to authorize the University to deduct your contribution directly from your paycheck and submit it to the Jesuit Refugee Service or the Jesuit Volunteer Corps; or

(2) Make a payment directly to the Jesuit Refugee Service or the Jesuit Volunteer Corps by check or through their websites.  If you opt to pay directly, you must provide the Office of Faculty Records with a copy of your payment receipt.