Dossier Contents and Tabs

1. Contents

2. Departmental Actions 

  • Form recording departmental action
  • Record of Departmental meeting- A letter from the Committee Chair based on a transcript of the faculty discussion of the case

3. Candidate’s CV

  • An updated CV with any recent research not available to evaluators clearly marked.

4. Candidate’s Statements

  • Research statement
  • Teaching statement
  • Service statement

5. Junior Faculty Evaluations (if applicable)

6. Mid-Probationary Period Review

7. Teaching

  • Student Evaluations
  • Class evaluations by colleagues
  • Course syllabi

8. External Evaluators: Selection

  • Candidate’s list of external reviewers
  • List “do not contact” reviewers (if any)
  • Candidates’ disclose of relationships with suggested reviewers
  • Committee’s list of external reviewers
  • Sample e-mail sent to reviewers
  • Sample letters sent to reviewers
  • Any correspondence with external reviewers who declined to write.
  • Any additional correspondence describing relations to candidate if not addressed in the letters.
  • Description statement of selection process
  • Summary of external reviewers expertise

9. External Letters 

10. External Evaluators CVs

  • CVs of external reviewers

11. Other

  • Statement from all co-authors on research contributions
  • Any other materials, including materials not available at time of review clearly labeled

Submit dossier and publications: Upload materials to Interfolio ( by the following dates: October 15 or earlier for Professors and January 15 or earlier for Associates