Spring - by April 15

Candidate announces intent to apply

June 1 (Professor) or October 1 (Associate)

Recommended date for soliciting external letters.

  1. Committee sends candidate’s materials to external reviewers
    • Research statement
    • C.V.
    • Copies of Publications/scholarship/research (or, a representative selection, in the case of promotion to full).  Note: Candidate may update C.V. and research statement at any time. A careful record must be kept of the materials that were made available to reviewers, and others throughout the process to note information not available at the time of a review.
  2. Committee solicits statement of collaboration from any co-authors (for inclusion in dossier)

October 15 (Professor) or January 31 (Associate with tenure)

Deadline for submission of dossier to Provost & Deans.

  1. All voting members of department meet to review dossier
    • Goal is frank and open discussion of all strengths and weaknesses of candidate
    • Do not discuss personal matters (e.g., leave for health or childcare challenges)
    • Assign note taker to document departmental discussion
  2. Report of departmental meeting is produced and added to the dossier
    • Report must be neutral and complete description of the departmental discussion
    • Avoid any appearance of advocacy, e.g. all faculty signing for overwhelmingly positive decision
    • Some units have process for permitting faculty to review report confidentially to ensure accuracy

November 15 (Professor) or March 1 (Associate)

Deadline for submission of dossier from Provost to University Secretary.

  • Decisions occur on a rolling basis with order of cases confidential (except for expedited lateral hires)

By July 31

Latest date decisions are communicated to faculty member. 

  • Within thirty days of decision: Negative decisions may be appealed.
  • Rolling: Applications for tenure and promotion as part of a lateral or senior hire will be managed on a rolling basis through an expedited process.

Questions should be directed to Reena Aggarwal, Vice Provost of Faculty (aggarwal@georgetown.edu) or Lesley Sebastian, Interim Director of Faculty Affairs(las38@georgetown.edu).