Assembling the Dossier

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Candidate’s Statements
5. Annual Faculty Evaluations   
Mid-Probationary Period Review  
External Evaluators: Selections  
External Letters 
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External Evaluators: Selections

Copies of the following materials pertaining to the selection of and communication with external evaluators:

(a) a list of the evaluators proposed by the candidate, together with the candidate’s description of his/her relationship to each proposed evaluator;

(b) a description of how external evaluators were selected, including a list of the evaluators proposed by the academic unit or appropriate faculty committee;

(c) a letter by the person preparing the file identifying which of the external evaluators who submitted evaluations are believed to be objective;

(d) if it was impossible to find objective and neutral evaluators, a letter justifying that;

(e) a brief statement describing the qualifications of the external evaluators.

[Note: items (b) through (e) can be combined in a single letter];

(f) one copy of the letter sent to outside evaluators, inviting them to submit evaluations (For Main Campus cases, units should use the letter provided at:

Please note that applicants for promotion and/or tenure must never be informed of the list of evaluators decided on by the unit, nor should applicants be allowed to veto evaluators selected by the unit.

An applicant may, however, inform the unit in advance of reasons why a particular scholar might not be a suitable evaluator.

(UCRT Guidelines, Approved by Faculty Senate, May 13, 2015)


Additional Guidance: External evaluations (new window), Communication with external evaluators (new window), Re-application and external letters (new window)