As you may know, some graduate students at Georgetown are considering organizing a union.  On November 1, 2017, the Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees, a group of Georgetown graduate students affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), asked Georgetown to voluntarily recognize their labor union and begin bargaining a first contract.  We are sending you these guidelines concerning how you may respond to union organizing activity among graduate students who provide teaching, research, or other service for the University.


  • DO encourage students to talk openly and freely with one another and share their views.  
  • DO encourage students to get more information about the union election process, by visiting the NLRB’s website, at  They can also call the NLRB’s Washington resident office at 202-208-3000 and ask for the information officer on duty.



  • DO NOT ask whether students support a union or not.
  • DO NOT ask whether students have spoken with a union or otherwise are participating in a union organizing campaign.
  • DO NOT create the impression you are monitoring union meetings or communications between students and representatives of a union.
  • DO NOT ask what union organizers are saying or doing. 
  • DO NOT ask students to report back to you concerning union meetings, events, or communications.
  • DO NOT treat students who are openly supporting unionization any differently than those who are not. 
  • DO NOT treat representatives of a union differently than any representatives of any other outside organization that wants to speak with members of the University community. 
  • DO NOT suggest that the University will suffer financial or other hardship if students are represented by a union.
  • DO NOT make statements that could be construed to threaten a loss of financial aid or benefits if a union organizing campaign is successful.