New Tenure Line Faculty

Townhouse-Apartment New Faculty Program

  • This is a recruiting incentive for new tenure-line faculty to give them an opportunity to rent an unfurnished townhouse or apartment very close to our gates for one to three years as they adjust to our university and the local housing market.
  • Twelve properties: six condominiums ($2,800 – $3,070 per month, four blocks from the campus gate on 37th and O Streets) and six townhouses ($3,400 – $4,800, one block from the campus gate).
  • Note that although the rent may appear high to those new to the DC area, the close proximity of the properties to campus would alleviate the need for our new colleagues to have a car.
  • Please see the attached brochure, “Townhouse-Apartment New Faculty Program Brochure.”

*For questions regarding the availability of these properties and details about the properties, contact Mrinal Oberoi: