Assembling the Dossier

1. Contents   
2. Departmental Actions  
Candidate’s CV   
Candidate’s Statements
5. Annual Faculty Evaluations   
Mid-Probationary Period Review  
External Evaluators: Selections  
External Letters 
External Evaluators’ CVs
11. Other


Any other relevant materials, for example:

(a) if a faculty member has applied for tenure or promotion to a particular rank before, any summaries of the results of the deliberations in a unit that were submitted to the UCRT before should be included here. The relevant unit should explain why its decision has changed, if it has, or why the deliberations were tainted, if they were;

(b) all other materials that were in the file distributed to the faculty members who voted on the candidacy at the unit level;

(c) any relevant material that was not available at the time the file was distributed to the faculty members who voted on the candidacy at the unit level;

(d) letters from major co-authors describing the candidate’s contributions to joint publications


Also include letters from previous applications to the same rank (guidance from the previous section of the UCRT memo):

[I]f a candidate comes up a second time for tenure or for promotion to a particular rank, all letters received in connection with the first application should be included in the file, even if the faculty member decided not to complete the application process that year.

(UCRT Guidelines, Approved by Faculty Senate, May 13, 2015)


Additional Guidance: Re-application and external letters (new window), Collaborative research (new window), Department report (new window)