Sabbatical Submission Process

Sabbatical applications must be submitted via the GU-PASS system. Requests are due December 1 of each year for the following academic year. Please contact Lesley Sebastian ( if you have any questions about your application.

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In the interest of self-improvement, professional advancement, and productive scholarship, tenured members of the ordinary faculty are eligible for a sabbatical leave based on accumulated semesters of counted service. Leaves of absence do not count towards sabbatical eligibility. Semesters of eligibility towards sabbatical are accumulated at the rate of 1.25 weeks per semester.

Delaying one sabbatical need not delay eligibility for future sabbaticals for faculty on the Main Campus. Semesters of eligibility are banked automatically up to a maximum of 24 semesters.

Applications must be made in writing through the Chair, Dean and Provost, not later than December 1 of the academic year preceding the year of intended sabbatical.

In general, sabbatical leaves will be granted when the University will not suffer undue academic inconvenience and when the applicant uses leave for research or for formal study and not to teach in another college or university. It is evident that the number of leaves granted in any academic year must be limited. It is not always the case that sabbatical requests will be approved. Please see the Sabbatical Approval Guidelines for more info. 

On the accumulation of 12 semesters of credit toward sabbatical, faculty are eligible for a full academic year of sabbatical leave at half pay or one semester of sabbatical leave at full pay. Also, beginning October 2013, faculty may apply for periods of partial sabbatical. Partial sabbatical may provide for relief from teaching responsibilities and may be combined with periods of reduction in pay. For example, a faculty member may apply for half sabbatical after 6 semesters (7.5 week) accumulated eligibility, or 50% salary half sabbatical in the form of a one course reduction after 6 semesters. Alternatively, a faculty member teaching two courses each semester might teach 2:1 every 6 semesters instead of 2:0 every 12 semesters. A report on research progress is expected upon completion of any period of sabbatical.

Since the award of a sabbatical is an investment which is meant to profit the institution as well as the individual, faculty are committed by the acceptance of a sabbatical award to return to Georgetown after a sabbatical to teach for at least one year.

For more information, please consult the following policies and guidelines:

Faculty Handbook, "Sabbatical Leave."

Partial Sabbatical Policy 

Guidelines for Approval of Sabbatical Applications for Tenured Faculty (September 2015)

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