Full Time Non-Tenure Line Faculty


Georgetown University relies on full-time faculty members to advance its educational and research missions. There are two categories of long-term, full-time faculty members on the Main Campus: tenure-line (TL) faculty and non-tenure line (NTL) faculty. Both groups are essential and complement each other, allowing us to achieve the mission of the University.

A general framework to guide the terms and conditions of the appointments of FTNTL faculty and encourage the fair and consistent treatment of faculty in this group has been developed. Two separate documents reflect the differences between the career paths for instructional and research faculty and provide the conceptual context for significant career opportunities at Georgetown. These frameworks cover academic titles, search processes, evaluation procedures, promotion criteria, and certain rights and responsibilities beyond those in the Georgetown University Faculty Handbook

We encourage you to read through the complete frameworks and career tracks and titling documents  provided below.

Research Faculty (NTL)

Instructional Faculty (NTL)

Annual Report Templates (NTL)