Faculty Policies

From faculty appointments to compensation and leaves, learn more about Georgetown Main Campus faculty policies.

Academic Calendars

The University Registrar sets the academic calendar and final exam schedule for each school. The Religious Holy Days calendar and the Policy Accommodating Students’ Religious Observances are available on the Campus Ministry website.

Annual Review

Course Buyouts and Course Banking Honor System Procedures 

Appointment Frameworks and Policies

Faculty Support and Mentoring

Guidelines for Deans – New Programs

Guidelines on Term Limited Chairs

Honor System Procedures

Instructional Continuity Policy

Leaves and Sabbaticals


Retirement for Tenure-line Faculty

Policy re: Leadership role for Associate Professors

Practices for Centers and Institutes

Supplemental Compensation Guideline

Term Papers, Final Exams, and Study Days Policy

Full-Time Faculty Searches

UCRT Service Research Credit