Core Pathways

Core Pathways is an interdisciplinary exploration of complex global challenges created to equip Georgetown Undergraduate students with the tools necessary to grapple with the myriad of complex challenges facing the world. In addition to the course modules, students in Core Pathways will be part of a larger intellectual learning community, with a set of opportunities to make connections across disciplines. 

Centennial Labs

​Centennial Labs are SFS classes built around an issue, idea, problem, or challenge in a real community. They are both cross-curricular and experiential at the core. Students work with one or more professors across disciplines to learn the theory critical to understanding the situation. They develop practical approaches or solutions within the “lab”; and share it with the community beyond the classroom.

The Pilgrimage Project

The Pilgrimage Project is a multi-disciplinary collaborative ITEL experiment rediscovering the spaces of Georgetown’s campus. Our first focus was Old North, Georgetown’s oldest standing building. The Old North Pilgrimage Project is a reflective journey that takes its name from the universal pilgrimage tradition that cuts across faiths and cultures. We seek to cultivate a spirit of contemplation on the Georgetown University campus.

Disability Studies Course Cluster

Disability studies is an emerging field that critically analyzes the concept of disability across different cultures, time periods and academic disciplines. A team of faculty members offer a cluster of interconnected, interdisciplinary classes focusing on disability through numerous Georgetown College departments as well as the School of Nursing & Health Studies and the School of Medicine. 

Community-Based Learning and Coursework

Community-based learning (CBL)  is a high-impact teaching and learning practice that underscores Georgetown University’s commitment to justice and the common good. Faculty and community-based organizations (CBOs) collaborate to design and execute a course in which students actively contribute to the CBO’s work.

WRIT 015 -- Escape Room Edition

This Core first-year writing course engaged students in team-based writing projects incorporating library and research tools, using an Escape Room game methodology.

HIST 099

HIST 099 is one of the required core classes in History.  All sections of HIST 099 fulfill the same role, though each instructor will develop a specific topic.  In every section, students spend one day a week doing "history lab," an interactive approach to historical thinking and working with primary materials.