A cover page that identifies the candidate by name, date of initial appointment, and present position; the action sought; the votes of each voting unit; and the names of the external evaluators (a cover page template is available here.)
(UCRT Guidelines, Approved by Faculty Senate, May 13, 2015) 

Dossiers should include all of the materials described in the Guidelines for Submission of Rank and Tenure Applications by Tenure-Line Faculty, Spring 2015.

The standard presentation is to arrange the materials by section as represented in the links above.  In an effort to streamline the manner in which we manage promotion cases, we are moving to an electronic dossier submission process.  We ask that for the 2015-16 year, departments submit materials to the Office of the Provost via Box (a folder will be shared with you). Please only submit PDF files and follow the general format above (one PDF file for each section of the dossier).  For questions about sharing dossier documents, please contact Lesley Sebastian in the Office of the Provost. If any of the required/suggested items are not included in the dossier, an explanatory note should be inserted in the appropriate section.  Journal articles can also be uploaded to the Box folder along with dossier materials. For books or other publications and materials, please plan to submit hard copies as usual.

For reference, behind each of the tabs above is the applicable instruction from the UCRT Guidelines, “Assembling the Dossier,” along with links to the additional information in the Guidance section of this website.

Under separate cover, no more than six of the candidate’s major scholarly publications (completed since appointment/promotion to the current rank).