Provost’s Office

Council of Deans


  • Christopher Celenza, Dean of Georgetown College
  • Joel Hellman, Dean of the Walsh School of Foreign Service
  • Kelly Otter, Dean of the School of Continuing Studies
  • Mike Bailey, Interim Dean of the McCourt School of Public Policy
  • Norberto Grzywacz, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Patricia Cloonan, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • Paul Almeida, Dean of the McDonough School of Business
  • Peter Pfeiffer, Chair of the Main Campus Executive Faculty

Faculty Advisory Committee


  • Reena Aggarwal, Vice Provost for Faculty and Professor of Business
  • Cristina Sanz, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Deborah Tannen, University Professor of Linguistics
  • Hans Engler, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Ian Gale, Professor of Economics 
  • John Rust, Professor of Economics
  • Matthew Pavesich, Associate Professor of English
  • Rebecca Ryan, Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Sue Lorenson, Senior Associate Dean of Georgetown College

Student Advisory Committee

In Fall 2012, Provost Groves instituted a student advisory committee, made up of undergraduate and graduate students from across the main campus programs, to discuss student-focused initiatives, new ideas, and current events. The committee meets monthly throughout the academic year.

2017-18 Members

  • Alex Heintze
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Carolina Sosa
  • Elaine Les
  • Esther Kim
  • Jacqueline Crispino
  • Jessica Andino
  • Kamar Mack
  • Kevin Durham
  • Margaret White
  • Maureen Reardon
  • Rima Mandwee
  • Roopa Mulpuri
  • Sara Clark
  • Samuel Edland
  • Sara Kolmes
  • Will Travers

Provost's Committee for Diversity

The Provost's Committee for Diversity was convened in 2014 to bring together students, faculty and staff around issues regarding inclusivity at Georgetown. While often this student-driven group engages with issues of race, important concerns centered on many communities, including undocumented students, specific interest groups such as Latin American students, and first-generation students for example, are also addressed. 

Each year, the Diversity Commitee supports and engages in projects in an effort to improve the experience of diverse committees at Georgetown. In 2016-2017, the Committee has focused its efforts on training for and organizing a series of dialogues around racial justice. The students of the Diversity Committee participated in several training sessions in dialogue facilitation and were mentored by faculty and staff of the Center for New Design in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) and the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA). 

On Thursday, February 16th, the Provost's Committee for Diversity hosted a student-led dialogue on diversity and inclusion. Thanks to a partnership with the GUSA program, What's a Hoya, nearly 40 first-year student participated in the first dialogue event, "Practicing Cultural Competency in Community," held in the Healey Family Student Center. We invite you to read about these efforts here

Please see Campus Life for more information. We encourage those who are interested in further pursuing dialogue and facilitator experiences to explore the many opportunities made possible through the CMEA and other campus organizations. These include: A Different Dialogue, Leaders in Education About Diversity (LEAD), Sexual Assault Prevention and Education (SAPE), IGNITE Peer Educators, and Hoya Faith Groups. 

2017-18 Members

  • Adonis Williams
  • Alejandra Parra
  • Anais Vaval
  • Bethany Chan
  • Carolina Sosa
  • Carrie Mutombo
  • Christopher DeLorenzo
  • Cindy Chu
  • Cindy Tran
  • Danielle Maduka
  • Deirdre Jonese-Austin
  • Derrick Arthur-Cudjoe
  • Eliane Lakam
  • Elida Ruiz
  • Eric Chen
  • Genevieve Pool
  • Grace Smith
  • Hashwinder Singh
  • Jesse Jacobs
  • Jose Pons Ballesteros
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Megan Patel
  • Reginald Boateng
  • Saki Migliorato
  • Sayako Quinlan
  • Shilpa Rao
  • Taylor Riddick
  • William Emery
  • Zeke Gutierrez

Provost's Council


  • Edward Maloney, Executive Director, Center for New Dseigns in Learning & Scholarship
  • Craig Rinker, Director, Office of Global Education
  • Vanessa Meyers, Director, Office of Global Services
  • Lt. Col. Patrick Donahue, Director, Army ROTC
  • Charles Deacon, Dean, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Andria Wisler, Director, Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service
  • John Glavin, Fellowship Secretary and Director, Carroll Programs
  • Artemis Kirk, University Librarian
  • Maggie Little, Director, Kennedy Institute of Ethics
  • Patricia McWade, Dean, Student Financial Services
  • Todd Olson, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • John Pierce, Special Assistant to the Provost and Emeritus Registrar
  • Clay Shields, Chair, Main Campus Executive Faculty
  • Chantel Santelices, Director for Intercultural Education and Development
  • Carole Sargent, Director, Office of Scholarly and Literary Publications
  • Sonia Jacobson, Director, Honor Council
  • Annamarie Bianco, Assistant Vice President and University Registrar
  • Catherine Armour, Ex Officio
  • Walker Pheil, Ex Officio
  • Lesley Sebastian, Ex Officio
  • Ali Whitmer, Ex Officio

Council of Associate Deans (COAD)

The Council of Associate Deans handles institutional and academic planning for the Main Campus. In the past, it has dealt with issues such as: the academic calendar; allocation of credit hours for courses; grade appeals; ROTC issues; Honor Council Policy; and many others. It can serve as a gateway committee to the Council of Deans (which is overseen by the Provost), dealing with policy issues in conjunction with School Deans. Meeting minutes and agendas can be found in the link below.  


  • Allan Angerio, Emeritus Faculty, School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • Annamarie Bianco, University Registrar and Associate Vice President
  • Craig Rinker, Director of Global Education
  • Daniel Stoll, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs, School of Continuing Studies
  • Ellen Eck, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 
  • Jaime Briseno, Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Jeff Gall, Associate Dean, Student Financial Services 
  • Mitch Kaneda, Associate Dean, School of Foreign Service
  • Peggy Fry, Deputy University Librarian
  • Patricia Grant, Interim Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, McDonough School of Business
  • Randy Bass, Vice Provost for Education and Professor of English
  • Sonia Jacobson, Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • Stephanie Lynch, Assistant Dean for Residential Living
  • Sue Lorenson, Associate Dean, Georgetown College

Council of Associate Deans (COAD) Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Faculty Governance

Faculty Senate

The Georgetown University Faculty Senate is a university-wide faculty governance body that advises the University President on academic, administrative, and financial issues that affect all three campuses. Its membership consists of seventy-five full-time faculty members elected by the three campuses, plus the three Executive Vice-Presidents, the Senior Vice President, and four Main Campus Deans.

Faculty Senate Webpage

Main Campus Executive Faculty (MCEF)

The Main Campus Executive Faculty, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost and the Deans, shall formulate Main Campus academic policies. Academic policies are those that concern such fundamental areas as curriculum, content and methods of instruction, and the conditions of faculty life in terms of teaching, research, and service. Main Campus policies are those that are not confined to one school or that affect the Main Campus as a whole.

Main Campus Executive Faculty Webpage

General Education and Student Learning Committees

Core Curriculum Committee

The charge to the General Education Working Group (henceforth, GEWG), given in Spring 2010 jointly by MCEF and the Provost, was to ask, “What would it take to have a successful general education curriculum that embodies and transmits the values of the institution? What would it take to have high confidence that such a curriculum actually does what it sets out to do?”