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Robert M Groves

Message from the provost

Welcome. The provost at Georgetown is the chief academic officer of the main campus. The provost and his staff are responsible for the quality of the educational and research programs of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown College, the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and the School for Continuing Studies. The office oversees admissions, financial aid, the registrar, research administration, and offices of student affairs.

An effective provost office serves the faculty and students of a university. The provost’s office at Georgetown strives to be transparent in its activities and to seek early and frequent input from faculty, students, and staff. The provost’s office has the obligation to build an environment in which faculty can perform their best scholarship and research and engage students through teaching and mentoring, as well as one in which students become prepared for a world in which ongoing learning will be a requisite for leadership.

I hope this site provides the information you seek. Please contact us is we can provide any additional information.

Provost's Blog

  • Getting Really Serious about Learning Outcomes: Competency-Based Education
    April 16, 2014
    There is a growing movement within higher education to seek more specific statements about learning goals of courses. Faculty are encouraged to write syllabi that describe what outcomes they seek to attain in the course. Some of these are knowledge domains (e.g., know the major battles in World War II, their sequence, and impact on […]
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  • Flexible Curricular and Teaching Structures
    April 9, 2014
    One of the pump-priming ideas forwarded as part of the Designing the Future(s) program (See: Experiments) is a call for experiments with alternative length, intensity, and structures of courses. At Georgetown, we tend to use a format of 15-week, 3 or 4-credit courses. Three-credit-hour courses tend to have 45 hours of class time and at […]
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  • Liberating Faculty to (Re)design Programs
    April 2, 2014
    Before we started the Designing the Future(s) program at Georgetown, we engaged a task force of thoughtful faculty members to seek advice. We asked them how we could launch a set of experiments in educational programs that might interest faculty. How could we investigate new programs that rethink how education is delivered in ways that […]
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