• Main Campus Research

    Main Campus Research

    Get the latest information on internal and external funding opportunities and proposal support.

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  • Designing the Future(s)

    Designing the Future(s)

    Future(s) is an integrative initiative engaging the whole Georgetown community while simultaneously exploring issues facing higher education.

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  • Joint Appointment Initiative

    Joint Appointment Initiative

    In recognition of the fact that advances in knowledge and solutions to societal problems often require multidisciplinary approaches, the EVPs of the Main, Law, and Medical campuses have launched a new initiative for joint appointments at Georgetown.

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    Main Campus has recently adopted the TRACS system for all faculty leave requests (sabbaticals, fellowships, etc.) and grant proposal submission.

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Georgetown’s main campus houses various schools that offer an array of intellectually rigorous programs designed to guide our undergraduate and graduate students toward their professional and academic goals. Our degrees include the liberal arts, sciences, international relations, business administration and several specialized certificates and continuing education programs.


Our Schools Community Life Academic Support

Georgetown is home to a vibrant community of accomplished students, distinguished faculty members and committed professional staff.


Our schools offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, including the liberal arts, sciences, international relations, business and public policy degrees, and a growing number of specialized certificates and continuing education programs. 


We are a vibrant community of students, faculty, alumni and professionals with diverse interests in research, scholarship, faith and service. Accordingly, we offer a diverse set of opportunities and services to support each individual's pursuits and well-being. 

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Main Campus offers a broad set of services for our students to aid them in the pursuit of their academic goals. From registering for their course to publishing and presenting a thesis, our academic support units are ready to serve. 

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Provost's Blog

  • Progress on the Racial Justice Initiatives
    May 25, 2016
    On February 4, 2016, President Degioia articulated a clear urgency for Georgetown to address the continuing legacies of slavery and racial injustice. He launched a new initiative “…because our social and political culture has not been remedied; and, in fact, from a set of recent events, it has deteriorated; because there is a holy impatience […]
  • Thanking the Faculty Who Shape Minds and Spirits
    May 18, 2016
    At this point in my life I have heard and read many commencement speeches. They tend to have common themes: this day is not an end but a beginning; your generation has the opportunity to succeed on problems that my generation has failed to solve; you are our hope of building a better world, etc. […]
  • A Campus in Waiting
    May 11, 2016
    It’s one of the quietest weeks on campus. Classes are over. Exams are in process. The place has a very different feel. Red Square is empty most of the time, with students occasionally scurrying through the rain with disheveled hair and sleepless eyes to deliver final papers to faculty offices. Others come in clumps, walking […]