Georgetown’s main campus houses various schools that offer an array of intellectually rigorous programs designed to guide our undergraduate and graduate students toward their professional and academic goals. Our degrees include the liberal arts, sciences, international relations, business administration and several specialized certificates and continuing education programs.

Provost's Blog

  • Thinking “Out of the Box”
    February 22, 2017
    Provosts have the pleasure of learning a lot about the methods of innovation within different sectors of society. They get to work with faculty on the cutting edges of their disciplines, inventing new ways to exploring their fields. They meet alumni active in start-ups and venture capitalism. They encounter leaders in the nonprofit sector inventing […]
  • Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professors for 2017
    February 15, 2017
    The life of an academic usually does not offer as many visible steps of successful career navigation as other professions. We wanted to repair such a weakness in a small way by recognizing Associate Professors who were performing at such a high level that their colleagues wanted to single them out for more visible praise. […]
  • The Global University in an Age of Uncertainty
    February 8, 2017
    Much work at Georgetown (and most other US universities) over the past few days has been focused on ties between the university and the larger world outside the US. The work has, of course, first been centered on international students from the seven named countries facing new restrictions on entry to the US. Ongoing meetings […]