Message from the Provost

Welcome. The Provost at Georgetown is the chief academic officer of the main campus. The Provost and his staff are responsible for the quality of the educational and research programs of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown College, the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the McCourt School of Public Policy, and the School for Continuing Studies. The office oversees admissions, financial aid, the registrar, research administration, and offices of student affairs.

An effective Provost's office serves the faculty and students of a university. The Provost’s office at Georgetown strives to be transparent in its activities and to seek early and frequent input from faculty, students, and staff. The Provost’s office has the obligation to build an environment in which faculty can perform their best scholarship and research and engage students through teaching and mentoring, as well as one in which students become prepared for a world in which ongoing learning will be a requisite for leadership.

I hope this site provides the information you seek. Please contact us if we can provide any additional information.



Provost's Blog

  • The Evolution of Professions
    July 1, 2015
    There’s rapid change occurring in traditional professions. The common theme appears to be an evolution from self-directed work to activities in support of the mission of a larger organization. Physicians, once the epitome of the self-employed, are increasingly employees of large organizations, members of big teams of co-workers. Lawyers, another profession where “hanging out a […]
  • Students as Producers Versus Consumers
    June 24, 2015
    Hunter Rawlings, the president of the Association of American Universities, the consortium of the large research universities in the country, recently wrote a thoughtful essay challenging various beliefs about the key purposes of universities. As more and more commentators are noting, assessing the value of a university based only on lifetime earnings (or even more […]
  • Evolving a Supportive Environment for Interdisciplinarity
    June 17, 2015
    I’ve written much in the past about alignment between universities and the wider world (see Interdisciplinary, Collaborative). Many of the problems in the world will not be solved with the knowledge from single disciplines, and, hence, universities need to make sure that they build environments in which faculty and students can easily combine work in […]