Sabbatical and Other Leaves

The purpose of a sabbatical and other research leave is to promote research. Sabbatical leaves are usually devoted exclusively to carrying out a research project, but also may consist of a course of study designed to learn new research skills essential for future projects. 

In addition to sabbatical other types of leave are available, including other research leave and personal leave.  Applications for periods of sabbatical and other research leave should be submitted through GMS, in accordance with eligibility requirements. Requests for personal and other non-research leave should be made directly to the faculty member’s chair and dean.

Credit towards sabbatical leave accrues for semesters of teaching as well as semesters of research leave. Further, leaves received for performing substantial administrative service (e.g., “Chair’s leave”) also count towards sabbatical credit. Unpaid leaves, sabbatical leaves, medical leaves, and personal leaves (e.g., new parent leave) do not count towards sabbatical credit.

Requesting a leave: 
A leave of any type should be discussed first with your department chair or program head and as soon as possible. Faculty members are urged to share information about their proposed research or personal leave plans to facilitate administrative planning for their time away from campus. However, it is understood that in some situations, such as a medical emergency, advanced planning is impossible. 

Assistance and information also can be provided by the designated academic administrators in the School’s dean’s offices listed on the sabbatical leave page. A faculty member, department chairs and program heads may consult as needed with these administrators. In addition, the Office of Faculty Affairs, is available to provide assistance at