Georgetown’s main campus houses six schools that offer an array of intellectually rigorous programs designed to guide our undergraduate and graduate students toward their academic and professional goals. Our degrees include the arts and sciences, international relations, business administration, public policy, specialized certificates and continuing education programs, and executive education.


Provost's Blog

  • Three Levels of Understanding
    February 21, 2018
    I taught the same course for about a ten-year period, sometimes twice a year. My recent reading about “threshold concepts” in different disciplines has made me rethink my own evolution in understanding the material in the course I taught. I now perceive three stages of my learning. First, as a graduate student, I conquered all […]
  • Coming Closer to the Census
    February 14, 2018
    As we approach 2020, my past life as a Census Bureau director begins to intrude, with calls from journalists about my thoughts on the funding, design, and politics surrounding the next census. Each decade about this time (the year ending in “8”), funding issues come to the fore, concerns over the latest census technological innovation […]
  • A Survey that Really Matters: the 2018 COACHE Survey of Faculty
    February 7, 2018
    Since 2013, every two years, we mount a survey of full-time faculty on the main campus and the Qatar campus, using a web-based questionnaire organized by the Harvard School of Education. In doing this, we join Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Tulane University, University of Rochester, University of Arizona, and University of Virginia, among others. […]
  • The 2018 Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professors
    January 31, 2018
    Each year we start the process of naming Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professors by having departments and similar units nominate deserving colleagues. A team of University and Chaired Professors judge the various nominations. They forward selections to the Provost. These designations are term-limited with a duration of five years, maximum. (When a Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor […]