Georgetown’s main campus houses six schools that offer an array of intellectually rigorous programs designed to guide our undergraduate and graduate students toward their academic and professional goals. Our degrees include the arts and sciences, international relations, business administration, public policy, specialized certificates and continuing education programs, and executive education.

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  • Faculty Research Collectives
    September 19, 2018
    One of the difficult, but thrilling, aspects of modern social science research is the exploration of how new internet-affiliated sources of data can inform traditional social science questions. A group of Georgetown faculty, partnering with counterparts at the University of Michigan, have been working together in this area over the past three years or so. […]
  • The Georgetown Institute for Racial Justice
    September 12, 2018
    I’ve written earlier about the university-wide effort to launch the Georgetown Institute for Racial Justice. The Institute will be a research and outreach organization. It will be a multi-disciplinary home for scholars at Georgetown and visitors from outside. It will be a coalition of research programs with different foci. Key foci would include racial injustice […]
  • A Year Since the Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission
    September 5, 2018
    This week we’ll recognize the fact that one year has passed since the report of the Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission delivered its report to Congress and the Executive branch. The Commission was created by a bipartisan group in Congress, led by Paul Ryan in the House and Patty Murray in the Senate. The goal of the […]
  • Trust in Institutions
    August 29, 2018
    I’ve commented before on the US public’s loss of trust in major institutions. Declining trust is not just a US phenomenon, but it is nonetheless troubling to those of us working within institutions. Reflecting on these trends led me to speculate about the mechanisms for trust building. Of course, there are many social science theories […]