Georgetown’s main campus houses six schools that offer an array of intellectually rigorous programs designed to guide our undergraduate and graduate students toward their academic and professional goals. Our degrees include the arts and sciences, international relations, business administration, public policy, specialized certificates and continuing education programs, and executive education.

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  • Peer Review and Quality Assessment in Research
    November 14, 2018
    Those subject to peer review of their proposals for research funding or of their scholarly products view it as a significant hurdle to succeeding in their careers. To those outside of academia, peer review can be misinterpreted as cronyism that illegitimately rewards friends and allies.  That interpretation is far away from my experience. The peer […]
  • The Role of the Seminar in Intellectual Growth
    November 7, 2018
    The new Intellectual Life Report of the main campus faculty proffers the argument that first year seminars may be important tools for the growth of our students. It’s an idea worth pursuing. Universities offer unique lessons when faculty members reveal to students the passionate interests they have in their area of expertise. There are many […]
  • The Inquiring Minds of Students
    October 31, 2018
    It is common for degree programs to have a set of required courses, taken by all who seek the degree, as well as a set of elective courses, subject to the choice of a student. As a student of statistics, one of my fondest memories was taking a statistical sampling course (required for me) with […]
  • Facts Without a Point of View
    October 24, 2018
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan is thought to have first uttered the famous line: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” This is a post about the need for facts to be assembled without a point of view. One of the attributes of academia that, in my opinion, ensures its continuity is […]