Intensive DC Internships at core of new downtown learning opportunity

DC downtown

On November 15, 2018, Georgetown students will have the opportunity to join the Capitol Applied Learning Lab (CALL), a new immersive downtown DC community.

The CALL, expected to launch in the fall of 2019, will include new experiential learning and residential space in close proximity to the Capitol for up to 30 students, whose integrated courses will be complemented by internships in public service, nonprofits and entrepreneurship.

Internships will include work with government and nongovernmental organizations and a wide range of nonprofits and startups, especially those that focus on social enterprise. By providing placement support and academic credit for internships during the academic year, the CALL will increase access to the kind of immersive internships that some students are able to complete over the summer months. Additionally, each participant in the CALL will receive comprehensive assistance in finding internships that both best suit their career interests and which tie into their coursework.

The CALL will maximize the time students can spend at internship throughout the city by offering evening courses downtown. Courses will be taught by existing full-time faculty members. Signature CALL courses include those focusing on justice and equality, environmental issues, policy and the law, ethics in the field, writing for advocacy and in real-world contexts.

All students will take part in an internship experience with a four-credit seminar, and a variety of other options to choose from, including a three-credit seminars and one-credit high impact skills-oriented courses, earning a total of at least 12 credits while living downtown.

Information sessions on the new learning opportunity began in October and will continue into 2019, both general sessions and those with specific departments and programs.