External Evaluations

External evaluations should be sought from those who are well qualifed to evaluate the candidate’s published work and other professional accomplishments.  The process of selecting the panel of external evaluators should be fully explained, with reference not only to the qualifications of the reviewers, but to  their objectivity and to any other known factors that might appear to have influenced their selection or their evaluations of the candidate. Follow the instructions from the “External Evaluations” sections of the UCRT Guidelines page (new window) and include all of these items behind the tab, Selection of External Evaluators (new window). The department report may also include discussion of these matters, but the department report does not serve in lieu of the separate tabbed section and report found there.

Include a complete list of all those nominated by the candidate and all the names proposed by the department. Indicate the order in which the reviewers were contacted and if any were eliminated from further consideration. The record of response (including no response) from each of the reviewers contacted should also be complete.


Supplementary Documents: 

External Evaluator Tracking Sheet (new window)