MSCHE Self-Study Timetable

May 1-4th, 2022

DateAction Items
October 2019– Provost appoints Co-Chairs of Self Study 
– Co-Chairs and MSCHE ALO attend the Self-Study Institute
November 2019 – February 2020– Recommend an approach for Self-Study Report
– Identify Planning Committee members
– Planning Committee meet with University President and Provost to select Self-Study Approach
– Provost seeks input from Deans for Working Group Chair and members 
– Working Group Chairs invited to serve on Steering Committee
– Hold follow-up video call with MSCHE VP Liaison Planning Committee draft Self-Study Design (SSD) document 
-Schedule Self-Study Preparation Visit with Commission staff liaison 
March-May 2020– Prepare and finalize draft Self-Study Design 
– Self Study Design finalized
– Draft SSD shared with Provost and President 
– Self Study Design shared with Main Campus Executive Faculty and Faculty Senate
April 27, 2020– Host a Self-Study Preparation Visit by MSCHE Commission staff liaison (canceled due to COVID-19)
May-June 2020– Self-Study Design submitted to MSCHE Vice President Liaison
– Make recommended edits and submit revised SSD to Commission for final approval
November 2020– MSCHE approved revised Self-Study Design 
– Invitations sent to Working Groups Chair and Vice-Chair
– Working Group Chairs receive Working Group charges and proposed member list
– WG members invited to serve 
-Steering Committee monthly meeting
December 2020

– Co-Chairs brief Main Campus Executive Faculty 
– Invitations sent to Working Group members
– Steering Committee monthly meeting
January 2021– Working Group Chairs convene initial meetings to begin gathering data 
– Meeting with Grad and Undergrad Students for Input
– Meeting with Faculty Academic Councils (MSB, COLLEGE, MCCOURT, GSAS, NHS, SFS, SCS)
– Steering Committee monthly meeting
February 2021– Co-Chairs brief University Board of Directors
– WG submit chapter outline to Steering Committee (February 15th)
– Working Group Chairs provide updates to Steering Committee
– Steering Committee monthly meeting
March-April 2021– Self-Study Team Chair and visit dates chosen
– Accepted Self-Study Design sent to Team Chair
– Working Groups submit their initial draft chapters to Steering Committee (April 19, 2021)
– Steering Committee offers recommendations on initial draft chapters
– Steering Committee monthly meeting
May-July 2021– Working Groups submit their final draft chapters to Steering Committee (May 17, 2021)
– Steering Committee compiles draft Self-Study Report and makes necessary edits
– Working Groups review and offer edits to the Self-Study report by July 1, 2021.
– Steering Committee monthly meetings
August 2021– Upon approval by the Working Groups, Steering Committee shares draft Self-Study Report with the campus community for review and comments
– University Community Review of draft Self-Study Report
– Provost Council
– Council of Deans
– Faculty Senate and MCEF 
– Faculty Town Hall
– Steering Committee monthly meeting
September 2021– Make revisions to Self-Study Report based on campus community feedback
– Present final draft to President’s Office for review
– Present final draft Self Study Report to Board of Directors’ Main Campus Affairs Subcommittee
– Steering Committee monthly meeting
December 2021– Send Self-Study Report to Team Chair ahead of Preliminary Visit
January 2021– Host Team Chair Preliminary Site Visit on campus
February 2022– Self Study Report revised based on Team Chair feedback
– Share draft Self-Study Report with GU community
– Host Faculty/Staff Town Hall to elicit feedback
– Host Student Town Hall to elicit feedback
March-April 2022– Share final Self Study Report with the campus community
– Present final report to President’s Office for review
– Present final Self Study Report to Board of Directors’ Main Campus Affairs Subcommittee
– Final Self-Study Report/Verification of Compliance/Evidence Inventory uploaded to MSCHE portal.
May 2022– Host MSCHE On-Site Evaluation Team Visit 
– Team report received within two weeks of Evaluation Team visit
– Georgetown provides an official response
September 2022– Commission meets to determine action