MSCHE Steering Committee

May 1-4th, 2022

Charge: The 16-member Steering Committee will serve as the Executive Committee for Georgetown University’s preparation for the Self Study site visit. The Planning Committee will be a subcommittee of the Steering Committee and will be responsible for developing the Self-Study Design plan and creating the charges for each of the Working Groups. The Steering Committee will be responsible for coordinating the collective efforts of all of the Working Groups and ensuring adherence to the timeline. Additional responsibilities will include the review and integration of each chapter in preparation of the draft Self Study Report and Evidence Inventory for institution-wide review. The Steering Committee will also be responsible for maintaining the MSCHE Self Study 2022 website to communicate updates on the accreditation process to the University, and serve as the liaison to the evaluation team during the site visit.

NameTitleSelf-Study Role
Sue Lorenson (Co-Chair)Vice Dean for Undergraduate EducationPlanning Committee Co-Chair Steering Committee
Rohan Williamson (Co-Chair)Vice Provost for Education
Professor of Finance and
Bolton Sullivan/Thomas A. Dean Chair in International Business
Planning Committee
Co-Chair Steering Committee
Randall BassVice President, Strategic Education InitiativesPlanning Committee
Steering Committee
Chair of Working Group #2
Tammi DamasDirector of Education and Academic Affairs, Office of the ProvostPlanning Committee
MSCHE Accreditation Liaison Officer
Steering Committee
William JackVice Provost for Research
Professor of Economics
Chair Working Group #1
Steering Committee
Kathryn M. de LunaAssociate Professor, Departments of HistoryVice-Chair Working Group #1
Steering Committee
Jeanine TurnerProfessor
Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT)
Vice-Chair Working Group #2
Steering Committee
Todd OlsonVice President of Student AffairsChair Working Group #3
Steering Committee
Maria SnyderAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Arts & SciencesVice-Chair Working Group #3
Steering Committee
James WardAssociate Vice President for Compliance and Ethics
Associate General Counsel
Chair of Working Group #4
Mark BoscoVice President for Mission and Ministry
Office of Mission and Ministry
Vice-Chair Working Group #4
Steering Committee
Marie MattsonUniversity Secretary, Office of the PresidentChair of Working Group #5
Anthony Clark Arend Professor of Government and Foreign Service 
Chair of the Department of Government
Vice-Chair Working Group #5
Steering Committee
Ali WhitmerAssociate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Provost
Chair of Evidence Inventory Working Group
Steering Committee
Mary Ann DuttonProfessor and Vice-Chair for Research
Department of Psychiatry
Main Campus Executive Faculty (MCEF) Nominee
Steering Committee
Nicoletta PiredduProfessor
Inaugural Director, Georgetown Humanities Initiative
Main Campus Executive Faculty (MCEF) Nominee
Steering Committee
Drew AllenAssociate Vice President, Institutional Data Analytics
Office of Assessment and Decision Support 
Steering Committee
Crystal Watkins WilliamsSenior Assistant Dean, School of Continuing Studies
Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance
Steering Committee