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Main Campus Research has a new process for research administration.

To submit a request, inquiry or question to the Office of Research Services (ORS), please send an email to

If you are familiar with the proposal process and ready to submit an abstract and budget for review, please go to

1. The ORS Inquiry/Request Form will allow ORS to provide better service faster.  Please have the following information available when filling out the form:

Net ID
Email Address
Phone Number
Inquiry Type

To send file attachments to ORS, please email

2. For urgent requests, please email and include “Urgent” in the subject of the email.  Urgent requests require services by ORS within 24 hours.

3. ORS has implemented a Service Level Agreement that outlines all services, timing and parameters of all services provided by ORS.  The expectation is that ORS will respond to requests and inquiries in a timely manner. ORS will acknowledge all inquiries and requests within one (1) business day.  For urgent requests, ORS will provide services within 24 hours.  For inquiries, ORS will respond within three (3) business days or less. For requests, ORS will respond within five (5) business days or less. The expectation is that the response will accurately provide the comprehensive status or resolution to the request or inquiry. Please be aware that some issues are complicated and require multiple departments and at times multiple organizations to resolve.

Please access the full document here:  ORS Service Level Agreement 

4. For any issues or requests not addressed within the expected time frame above, please escalate to the Senior Director of Research Services. 

Jesse Szeto