The promotion and tenure process relies on presenting the work and trajectory of candidates in a clear, consistent, objective and fair way. Dossiers should present a neutral account of the merits of each case. Understanding the standards for a good dossier is vital to ensuring that we adhere to our mission and the ambitions of our faculty.

Accordingly, this page provides guidance, reference materials to assist with dossier preparation and the subsequent decisions made on the Main Campus.  You will also find a checklist, timeline, links to the required downloadable documents and various reference materials also found on the University Committee on Rank and Tenure and the Faculty Handbook webpages. Because our procedures and understanding of optimal practices evolve over time, we arrange meetings each year to provide an opportunity for group discussion on issues that arise when preparing dossiers.

If you have any questions, please contact Vice Provost for Faculty Reena Aggarwal or Acting Director of Faculty Affairs Lesley Sebastian. 

Thank you in advance for the role you will play in assembling a clear dossier.  Through our work together, we can ensure attention on the qualifications and accomplishments of the candidate at every stage of the process. 

Robert Groves