Resolution from Graduate School Executive Committee

The Graduate School Executive Committee of Graduate Studies affirms the position that students enrolled in its degree programs are and should be treated as students, not employees. Our reasons include the following.

  1. Graduate students come to Georgetown to obtain an education and a degree, not for employment.
  2. We accept students, and offer them fellowships (when we do), because of their promise as students and future professionals, not because they are the most qualified employees for certain jobs.
  3. When we award graduate students stipends, tuition scholarships, and health insurance, we do so:
    1. To attract the most talented students to GU over competing schools.
    2. To enable them to complete their degrees as quickly and well as possible.
  4. The University’s teaching and research needs can often be met at less expense by hiring outside the student body.
  5. We do offer teaching and research experience to students as part of their training.
  6. Every decision we as faculty make concerning our graduate students should be based on what we consider their best interests, while recognizing that students have the right to due process.