Clone of Phased Retirement Program for Tenure-line Faculty

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Main Campus
Law Center and Medical Center

Eligible faculty informed about the opportunity to apply for the Voluntary Phased Retirement Program

August 1

September 1

Deadline for receipt of the Application and Work Plan Request

November 1

February 1

Agreement delivered to faculty accepted for program1

March 1

April 15

Signed Agreement due back from faculty2

April 15

May 31

Revocation Period ends

April 22

June 7

Phase-down period begins

July 1


1. Faculty members who are not accepted for the Program will be given notice of that decision and have 60 days (required by law) to submit an appeal to the Administrator.

2. Tenured faculty members electing to participate in the program will be required to execute a formal separation agreement and release of claims against the University, including claims arising under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and must be given at least 45 days within which to consider the agreement.  In addition, such faculty members must be given a period of seven days after executing such a waiver to revoke her/his acceptance of the waiver.