Administrative and Non-academic Appointments Policy

Effective: April 17, 2020  


Some Georgetown faculty play a role, in addition to their teaching and research appointment duties, in managing centers and institutes, leading initiatives, and driving change through various administrative appointments. Further, in the future, Georgetown will increasingly work collaboratively across schools, campuses and units, requiring greater coordination of administrative appointments.


A Georgetown University faculty member of any rank or tenure status may hold no more than two administrative responsibilities simultaneously, for supplemental remuneration, at any one time. 


Upon appointing a faculty member to an administrative role, the appointing school dean must review all standing appointments to administrative leadership positions for that faculty member, prior to making the appointment.  No more than two administrative appointments may be held concurrently.

Administrative positions shall have a renewable term of one to three years and require a letter of appointment from the appointing dean or provost.  As a requirement of the university’s Office of Legal Counsel,  all appointment letters must list the terms and conditions of each appointment held by that faculty member. A copy of that appointment letter must be provided to the Office of the Provost – Faculty Affairs.

Starting in Summer, 2020, Faculty members currently holding more than two appointments may serve out their current terms for those duties.  For appointments that have no term, the Provost Office must approve resolution of the appointments.

Search committees, short term task force assignments, and various president-appointed or provost-appointed committee assignments are not considered administrative positions for the purposes of this policy.