Assembling the Dossier

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Candidate’s Statements

As part of the dossier to be considered for tenure and/or promotion at Georgetown, the candidate submits three statements: a research statement, a teaching statement, and a service statement (ordinarily 6-10 pages (total) suffices). The statements should focus on professional accomplishments and should not include personal information. 

All of the internal Georgetown reviewers at the departmental, school, campus and University level review all three statements.  Because many of these reviewers are from outside the candidate’s field and area of expertise, candidates should prepare statements that explain their expertise in their field in a way that is accessible to non-experts in the field.

The external reviewers may receive the candidate’s research statement (without the teaching and service statements), along with the candidate’s CV and publications, consistent with campus policy.
(UCRT Guidelines, Approved by Faculty Senate, May 13, 2015)


Additional Guidance: 

UCRT Guidelines for Candidate’s Research, Teaching and Service Statements (new window)