Summer Salary Supplement

The Summer Salary Supplement (SSS) Program provides support for two months of work on a research or creative arts project between June and August. 

Award amounts

  • An SSS consists of $10,000 in taxable income (plus fringe), to be processed at the end of June in the year of the award.
  • If a faculty member receives other summer salary support, from either external or university sources, the SSS will be adjusted so that the total salary support does not exceed 2/9ths of the faculty member’s academic year salary.


  • All full-time teaching members of the Main Campus faculty, with the exception of those in the McDonough School of Business, are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty at the Assistant Professor level are especially encouraged to apply.
  • A previous award of an SSS (or a Summer Academic Grant, which the SSS has replaced) does not disqualify a faculty member from applying in subsequent years, but preference will be given for proposals of equal merit that have not received recent support.

Selection Criteria

Subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria above, selection of proposals will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality: applicants should explain in broadly accessible language the contribution their proposed research or scholarship will make to the literature or repertoire, and any future work to which it will lead.
  • Feasibility: applicants should present a clear and detailed plan for how the research/scholarship will be executed. If the research requires other expenditures (e.g., for travel, supplies, etc.), funding sources, secured or pending, for these should be identified.
  • Credentials: applicants should explain how their track record, or in the case of junior faculty, their promise of future achievements, supports the notion that the proposed work will be successful


Applications consist of a project narrative of up to 1,000 words and a current CV. The narrative will address the issues of quality and feasibility outlined above, and include a description of the nature of the proposed research and its central hypothesis, the site, methodology, data, collaborations, and other inputs into the work, and the expected outcomes in terms of publications, other products, grant applications, performances, seminars, etc.

Your submission will be reviewed by faculty colleagues outside of your department, but in a related field.  Please take this into account when crafting the language of your proposal.

Applications should be submitted via GU-PASS.

The GU-PASS application window will open on August 25.


Recipients should submit a 200 word description of the activities that were conducted and made possible with the award by September 30 of the year in which it is taken, with links, if available, to electronic copies of any materials – publications, working papers, reports, etc. – produced as a result.

The deliverable can be uploaded in GU-PASS. Instructions for uploading the deliverable may be
found in this User Guide.

Faculty members who do not submit a deliverable as required will be ineligible for future internal grants.