Below is a list of resource links that can provide useful information on a variety of concerns.

Faculty Ombuds Charter

Faculty Handbook Policies and Procedures:

Faculty Senate Grievance Code:

Other policies that govern employment at the university are IDEAA, Intellectual Property, Financial Conflicts of Interest, Misconduct in Research, Title IX, Harassment, Computer Systems Use, Consensual Sexual Relations, Sexual Misconduct Whistleblower, Drug-free workplace, and Family Leave.

Georgetown University Compliance and Ethics FAQs and Helpline:

This office is generally not a confidential resource however, the compliance hotline is a safe and anonymous if requested, way to report problems.

Hotline: 1-888-239-9181

Human Resources Policy Manual:

GU HR Policy Manual Hiring of Employees:

GU HR Conflicts of Interest:

Faculty and Staff Assistance Office:

This office is a confidential resource for both faculty and staff.

Reporting of Discrimination, Harassment of Bias:

Sexual Misconduct Resources:

Confidential email:

Title IX:

The Title IX office is not a confidential reporting office.