Letter from the Provost

September 2014

Dear Colleagues and friends,

We are pleased to inform you that Georgetown and SEIU Local 500 have reached tentative agreement on all of the terms of our first collective bargaining agreement covering part-time faculty members on the Main Campus.  We believe that the work we have completed reflects the valued role our adjunct faculty members play in the ongoing success of Georgetown University.  We are united in our desire to celebrate and affirm the unique contributions of our part-time faculty.

Georgetown is fortunate to have access to policy makers, thought leaders and scholars in many fields, and has utilized these experts by employing part-time faculty to contribute to the education of Georgetown students. The Georgetown community is enriched by their presence, and our students benefit from instruction by every scholar at Georgetown whether skilled through their training at the academy or through practice in their fields. We must preserve this crucial dimension of the Georgetown education and ensure that it works for all.   

We are hopeful that, through this agreement, and through our continued work together, part-time faculty members in our community will feel as welcomed and valued as other faculty members.  We want to honor what each individual brings to his or her work and to the fabric of our university community.  We thank the SEIU leaders for their work and we look forward to continuing our work together.  

As a Catholic and Jesuit institution, Georgetown maintains a deep commitment to care of the whole person.  Our commitment is reflected in both our concern for our faculty and our care of students. This concern for faculty is manifest in many ways, including in this first collective bargaining agreement with our part-time faculty.

The ratification process is under way.  We will know shortly whether the agreement has been ratified by vote of the full membership of the bargaining unit.  Assuming the agreement is ratified, additional implementation work will occur over the next few weeks and months.  We anticipate our productive collaboration to continue into the future. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process.


Robert M. Groves, Provost         

Mark Habeeb, Skip Lane, Kerry Danner-McDonald, Ori Soltes, Camille Gaskin-Reyes, and Richard America, Adjunct members of the Union Negotiating Team