Evaluation Process

Article 5

Article 5 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement details the evaluation process. Highlights of this article include:

Following the receipt of the student evaluations each semester, an adjunct faculty member may submit a request for feedback from the School, department, or program concerning their student evaluations. The adjunct faculty member may submit such a request, in writing, within thirty (30) days after receiving the student evaluations.  The adjunct faculty member should submit, along with the request, a response to the student evaluations.  The adjunct faculty member may submit with the written response the syllabus, course materials, and an updated CV.  The School, department or program will provide the adjunct faculty member with feedback, in writing, based on the student evaluations and the adjunct faculty member’s written response (Article 5.C).

An adjunct faculty member may request a classroom observation and evaluation of the adjunct faculty member’s classroom performance within three (3) calendar years from the date of initial appointment, but not sooner than the second year of appointment, and then once every three (3) calendar years thereafter.  Any such request shall be made no later than the second week of classes.  The classroom observation will occur at any time within a two (2) week window of time agreed to by the University and the adjunct faculty member.  The classroom observation will be conducted during a period in which instruction is taking place, and for a duration of time reasonably necessary to observe the adjunct faculty member’s teaching skills and methodologies.  The observer will, in the reasonable judgment of the University, have appropriate qualifications to conduct the classroom observation.  The adjunct faculty member will receive feedback on the observation within a reasonable period of time after the observation occurs (Article 5.D). 

The University may observe teaching performance at any time.  An adjunct faculty member ordinarily will have advance notice of such action but may not if, in the University’s judgment, circumstances do not warrant it (Article 5.E).

If a student raises a concern regarding an adjunct faculty member’s performance, the University will promptly notify the adjunct faculty member of the concern if the University, in its reasonable judgment, considers it to be a serious concern at the time it is raised.  The purpose of this paragraph is to provide the adjunct faculty member with notice of an alleged performance issue that is capable of being corrected during the remainder of the course, while appropriately respecting student confidentiality and protecting the student(s) from retaliation.  Should documentation of the alleged performance issue be placed in the adjunct faculty member’s personnel file, the adjunct faculty member shall be notified (Article 5.F).