Professional Development Fund


Adjunct faculty members who teach a standard course during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) in which a professional development opportunity occurs may request reimbursement from the Professional Development Fund for the reasonable costs associated with professional development activities related to teaching. The maximum reimbursement for an individual adjunct faculty member shall be $700 per fiscal year.

Professional development activities may include presenting a paper on a topic related to the faculty member’s discipline or department. This fund can be used to help cover travel and registration fees for such activities. The fund is not intended for commercial or promotional events not directly related to the faculty member’s teaching at Georgetown, nor is it intended for equipment or supplies.


To request reimbursement from the Professional Development Fund please complete the steps below within 60 days after expenses were paid. If you have questions, refer to the University’s Business Travel Reimbursement Policy:

  1. Please contact the Provost’s Office team at to confirm your eligibility.
  2. After your eligibility has been confirmed, complete the Reimbursement Form.
  3. Submit the completed Reimbursement Form and scanned copies of your receipts and boarding passes (as applicable) by email to the Provost’s Office team at with “Reimbursement Request” in the subject line.
  4. Please note, pursuant to University policy, receipts must be legible. The Provost’s Office team may contact you if additional information or documentation is needed to be in compliance with University policy.
  5. The Provost’s Office team will email you when the reimbursement has been submitted in GMS.