Junior Faculty Research Fellowship

The Junior Faculty Research Fellowship is automatically granted to all Main Campus tenure-line assistant professors, except those in the MSB, as part of their appointments. This Fellowship provides one semester leave at full pay for full-time work on research with no responsibilities for teaching or service. The purpose is to enable the completion of work that will contribute to the evaluation of the application for tenure and promotion. The Fellowship typically is taken in the third or fourth year on the tenure track. 

The Fellowship period counts as a semester of service toward both the tenure probationary period and sabbatical eligibility.

Application Process:  

Faculty should consult with their Department Chair and/or Program Director well in advance to decide on the timing of the leave, and then initiate the application at any time in advance of the planned semester of leave. Applications should be submitted via GMS, which can be reached by clicking on this icon on your GMS dashboard.

Please refer to this job aid for help using the GMS portal. Chairs and other reviewers will review internal grants for approval in GMS. 

Any requests to change the approved period of leave should be submitted through GMS.